CODII Prison Ministry

The CODII Prison Ministry brings the message and love of Christ to those who are yet imprisoned that ministers to them the gospel of Jesus Christ for their salvation and recovery. Supervising Minister is Elder Pamela Martinez.






CODII Food Ministry

God is faithful. Just as He gives justice to the oppressed, we are reminded in Psalm 146:7 that He gives food to the hungry. It is our desire to feed the community with both spiritual food and physical food. The Word of God coupled with nourishment are essential to hope, comprehension, motivation and growth. Deacon Charlie Hall supervises this ministry.

Food distribution is every third Saturday, 10:00am - 2:00pm. Everyone is welcome.



Deliverance Through Christ Evangelism Outreach

Deliverance Through Christ Evangelism Outreach is passionate about winning souls for the kingdom of God, through the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism training is twice each month at CODII. Following each session, the team hits the streets to witness to local communities. All are invited to attend these classes. Instructors are Elders Charles and Neldra Davis.





Family Counseling / Restoring the Covenant of Marriage

CODII assists with mending marriages and family disputes utilizing the word of God. We give godly biblical advice as a result of consultation about a policy, plan of action or behavior; thereby restoring families to the plan that God has designed for them.

Apostle Reginald and Dr. Brenda Lawrence are licensed counselors and are available for counseling sessions. Call the church office at 562-653-9868 or email for more information.




Jesus and Me (J.A.M.) Preschoolers - 5th Grade

Every 4th Sunday of the month we invite all of your potty-trained preschoolers and adventurous elementary school children to join us for a special worship experience just for them. J.A.M. 




Men Of Valor and Excellence (M.O.V.E.)

Lead by Apostle Reginald Lawrence, M.O.V.E. is dedicated to raising up Men of Valor and Excellence to lead their families, communities and nations in the fear of the Lord.





p2 nation (Peculiar People Nation) Junior High/Middle School - High School

Standing on 1 Peter 2:9, p2 nation is a youth group of Church of Deliverance International's Youth Reaching Up Initiative. All youth are welcome to come and fellowship with this diverse group of young people as they explore and grow through God's word!!



Praise of Deliverance Worship Team

Praise and worship are an integral part of the services at Church of Deliverance International. According to Judges 20:18, when the Israelites faced fierce opponents, God instructed them to send Judah first! The Tribe of Judah was one of the largest in the Kingdom of Judah and they were known for their worship. In fact, King David belonged to this tribe! The CODII Praise of Deliverance Worship Team is dedicated to lifting up the name of the Lord, by ushering in the presence of God and enabling God's people to exercise their freedom to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.




S.W.A.T. Team (Spiritual Warfare and Tactics)

This ministry is designed to train and equip ministers and designated leadership staff members in spiritual warfare to exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to set free those that are captive. The CODII S.W.A.T. Team assists during altar call for each service.




Virtuous Praise Dancers (Ages 5 - 20)

Virtuous Praise Dancers glorify God through liturgical dance. This ministry is utilized as a method of ministering to others using the art of movement. Psalm 149:3 says "Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with timbrel and harp". Please call 562-653-9868 or email for more.




Women of Righteous Distinction (W.O.R.D.)

An empowering women's ministry lead by Prophetess Brenda Lawrence bringing the women of God into a place of holiness, happiness & wholeness through the Word of God. (Proverbs 4:20-22). Educating, encouraging and empowering the women of God to greatness by acting on the word. (Mark 11:24).

Outreach is available at your request.