"All About Marriage" will help you gain the right understanding of God’s sacred covenant of marriage.

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Apostle Reginald Lawrence, Ph.D.

Marriage is grossly misunderstood in our society. Most have a misconception of marriage. As a result, boundaries are being crossed that violate the purpose and sanctity of Marriage. There are those who've chosen not to marry, and some even fear marriage. There are those who have married, but many of them with no true understanding of marriage; and as a result, they have suffered countless and unnecessary struggles, difficulties and even penalties. Some people, whose marriage ended in divorce, could have overcome the obstacles and the challenges had they known the right solutions.




"Don't Pimp the Prophetic Gift" will erase all doubts about what a true or a false prophet is.

By Dr. Brenda Lawrence

Prophets are misunderstood by many believers and unbelievers all over the world. We know that the history and development of Israel was started by a prophet. Yes, there are many false prophets out in the world. Don't be surprised that there are just as many in the churches of today. The prophetic ministry is so important in the end times. One must be able to discern spirits. Being able to discern spirits is also a gift from God.

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Dr. Brenda Lawrence's book is coming soon! "Down with Jezebel in the Church".